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Easy breathing. Healthy breathing. Breathing faster to move. Breathing even faster to do sports. Oxygen is 'inspiration', literally but also figuratively. The corona pandemic made it clear that clean air is a must. 'Stay at home, but also keep moving', was perhaps one of the most publicised campaigns in our country to promote a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Healthy air and a good dose of physical activity as the engine behind a healthy day-to-day life: we rarely question it.

Yet this is not self-evident for everyone. In Belgium, 1 in 4 children suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma. You must be familiar with it in your own community. Fortunately, nobody dies from it yet in Belgium. In many African countries people do. Every year more people die of respiratory problems than of AIDS-HIV, TB and malaria combined.

Take Kenya for example. The country is known for its breathtaking nature reserves, bustling cities, white beaches and high mountains. Apart from its famous distance runners, the country is increasingly gaining prominence for its cyclists. World-class athletes!

But even in Kenya, the most important roads are the airways. The country and its people suffer from ever-increasing air pollution. Poor waste management, polluting industries, emissions from old second-hand cars and poorly ventilated kitchens are to blame. Climate change also plays a role. Think of ever-longer droughts and dust, wind gusts and the spontaneous combustion of landfills due to extended periods without rain.


The Respira consortium led by KU Leuven and involving researchers from across Africa and Europe wants to do something concrete about this. We organize action research involving collaborations between doctors, architects, urban planners, engineers, movement scientists and social scientists. In the highly polluted city of Nakuru (Kenya), a project is being set up together with a local university, the local meteorological institute, the local government and Nakuru's citizens. Like the popular Curieuzeneuzen project in Flanders, sensors are being developed and distributed. The sensor data will be analyzed using artificial intelligence and will be used to monitor climate change, the sources of pollution, its severity and composition. This will provide the basis for an action plan executed by local project stakeholders to mitigate air pollution and its health impacts.

How can you help?

You can support the project by purchasing one of the sensors that will be installed in Nakuru. You can make this possible with a donation of 50 euros. For 100 euros, you facilitate a data scientist who, thanks to the sensor information, can find out how air pollution is impacting well-being in the city. This is the basis for a continued approach in the fight against pollution in the city. For a sum of 200 euros, you invest in the further expansion of Respira with the aim of combatting air pollution and sensitising local communities suffering most from its effects. This way, you help give 'Air4Action' and take care of 'Action4Air'.

Sporting challenge

To breathe life into the project, Jeroen Scheerder, professor at the Department of Movement Sciences at KU Leuven, will take on the ultimate physical challenge. On Saturday 27 April 2024, he wants to break the Belgian Hour Record for Masters at the Velodrome in Zolder. To do so, he will not only need a lot of healthy air, but also your support. You give that support by providing oxygen to future generations in Kenya, future elite athletes or sports (in)active adults. Do this by sending us financial oxygen via the donation buttons on this page.

From a contribution of 40 euros, you will receive a tax certificate that gives you a tax benefit of 45% of your donation. Thank you in advance for your support! Asante Sana!
Do you prefer to give via bank transfer? You can also support the action with a donation to the account number BE45 7340 1941 7789, BIC code KREDBEBB of KU Leuven, stating the structured communication +++400/0025/24766+++.

The donation will be included in the total amount within the week. Still have a question? Always welcome: contact us.

Donate 50 euros

Donate 50 euros and contribute to a sensor that measures pollution in a deprived neighbourhood. The information collected forms the basis for the action research. Your tax benefit is 23 euros (45% of your donation). Your donation will actually cost you 27 euros.
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Donate 100 euros

Donate 100 euros and make it possible for a data scientist to check the composition of the air pollution, thanks to the sensor information. This is the basis for a further approach in the fight against pollution. Your tax benefit is 45 euros (45% of your donation). Your donation will actually cost you 55 euros.
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Donate 200 euros

Donate 200 euros to support the further roll-out of Respira, which aims to combat air pollution through action research and also raises awareness among the local population. Your tax benefit is 90 euros (45% of your donation). Your donation will actually cost you 110 euros.
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Donate any amount

Your contribution makes a substantial difference to the fight against air pollution in Africa, starting with the action research in the city of Nakuru (Kenya). For amounts higher than € 40, you are entitled to a tax certificate and a 45% tax reduction on the amount donated. Thank you for your solidarity.
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